Zebra shades are premium light-filtering roller shades constructed from a single continuous loop of opaque and dark-colored cloth. The term “zebra” refers to their pattern, which consists of a succession of horizontal stripes in an assortment of solid and sheer colors. These shades are completely adjustable; each has two layers of striped fabric, allowing you to align, partially overlap, or totally block the window by adjusting the stripes. 

Zebra shades are distinctive because they resemble both curtains and blinds. Along with the movable striped shades, they also have drape and fabric curtain panels. They provide light to enter the room evenly and fill the entire space.

Zebra-patterned window coverings are attractive to homeowners of many styles. These shades, which include alternate light and dark stripes, are slick, fashionable, and classic. Installation of zebra shades is convenient; most are set on two metal hangers, making them simple to remove and reinstall. You won’t struggle to install these shades with screws or other annoying mounting techniques. 

Solid panels are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms where privacy is required since they make it difficult for anybody outside to see. Additionally, the light stripes will provide ample natural light without sacrificing your privacy.


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