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Giving your Windows a Premium Look Or Tailored Made Blinds for Your 

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Woodsman Shutters USA brings the best-customized Shutters and Blinds to style

 your Windows your way. Our high-quality products are tailored and made according

 to your window size and style. We have an in-house professional team who will work 

with you, from taking the measurements to installing the blinds. We at Woodsman 

Shutters and Blinds keep our customer satisfaction a top priority and provide services that

 completely satisfy our customers.



Windows flanked by right-size shutters balance out and appear more prominent. This is one of the reasons you should install solid shutters, which must each be half as big as the window to function. This produces a harmonious visual effect.

Every shutter is tailored according to your window style and size and installed using a three- or four-sided frame. Frames are fixed inside or outside a window recess, depending on the chosen shutter design and the window requirements. While retaining the ability to open and close the panels or louvers freely, the shutters are fastened in place to wrap window spaces flawlessly.

Blinds are supported by brackets and head rails at the top of windows. The vertical blind clips, panels, or trolleys are stored in the top secured compartment. The bottom and sides of the blind may be movable; as a result, the blind are more prone to move and strike against adjacent walls when a breeze comes through an open window or if it is knocked, making it less effective in blocking the window area.

Shutter blinds can be constructed from various materials, with some being better suited for use in particular rooms of your home. Despite being entirely waterproof, vinyl and faux wood shutter blinds are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and may be fitted in any space. These are also an excellent alternative for kids’ rooms because they’re simpler to keep clean.

We offer the following products for your home needs;



Woodman Shutters and Blinds was established to provide people with the best window treatment services. Our products are of top-notch quality and cater to every type of style and budget. We make customized blinds and shutters to best fit your windows and suit your theme. 

We have an in-house team of professionals who work together with you, from taking measurements of your windows to installing the final products. We use the finest quality product with an extended lifetime, so you don’t have to face any trouble in repair and maintenance.

With each set of plantation shutters, we offer A LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY is presented with each set of plantation shutters. We provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and satisfy each of our customers with the best product and services.

Our team of dedicated professionals provides you with expert installation and various styles at Woodsman Shutters and Blinds. Additionally, you can obtain all the information you require before purchasing by contacting our team of design specialists.

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How to Take Measurements?

Measure the width of the window frame from the top, middle, and bottom, and measure the height of the window frame on the left, middle and right sides. Record the smallest measurement and use it to determine the size of the window.
For example: if the width measurements were 36, 37, and 36 inches and that of height were 24, 25, and 24 inches, then we will consider the window size to be 36 by 24 inches.
Ensure the accuracy of measurements and the best way is to use a measuring tape. Also take into consideration that the size of the window may not be the same as the size of the window opening, as the window frame may extend beyond the opening.
Still skeptical about how to take measurements?

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We at Woodsman Shutters are dedicated professionals providing you with our premium products and services for customized shutters and blinds for your windows. We work for residential and commercial sectors and provide our customers with top-notch quality products. Our Shutters and Blinds are an excellent alternative for curtains, offering a clean and modern look for your windows and matching your house theme. 

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Installing custom interior shutters is one of the best ways to add architectural value to your home. You can show off your character and style with them. Such is not possible when using ready-made ones.

Custom interior shutters provide privacy to your home. They are ideal in bedrooms, living spaces, dining rooms, bathrooms, and other exclusive spaces.

They act as terrific insulators too! Because they are custom-made, they fit flawlessly in your windows. You will not find any extra space on the edges. Thus, it helps maintain warmth during cold months and cool air during warm months.